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Who Else Wants to Be a Certified Gunsmith, Fast & Easily, without leaving the Privacy of your Home and Make Money Part-time, Full-time Or As A Retirement Income Doing What You Love?!

If you can Watch T.V. , then You can become a Certified Gunsmith, in as little as 3 months, by watching one DVD a day, in the privacy of your own home, with a “Bulletproof” 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Find out how You can learn REAL Gunsmithing and become Certified, by requesting this FREE DVD One Hour Introductory Video Lesson & Special Written Report “How to Get Started In Professional Gunsmithing”.

On the DVD You will be able to SEE and learn all about this Exclusive System of Gunsmithing Instruction developed by the American Gunsmithing Institute, and designed to Quickly Train New Gunsmiths like you.

As a Student of the American Gunsmithing Institute, You will be taught by the World’s Premier Gunsmithing Instructor, Master Gunsmith Robert “Bob” Dunlap through this exclusive at-home Video Training System. 

Master Gunsmith Reveals His Secrets:
The American Gunsmithing Institute’s Senior Instructor, Robert “Bob” Dunlap is an internationally recognized and respected Master Gunsmith.

He was the Senior Instructor at Lassen Gunsmithing School for over thirty years and a Warranty gunsmith for many of the major firearms manufacturers including: Charter, Colt, S&W, Remington, Winchester, Marlin, Para-Ordnance, EMF and many others.

During this time he developed a System of Repair, along with a unique teaching method that is easy to understand and follow. And believe it or not, he’s been personally responsible for the repair of over 250,000 guns!
Now he shares his knowledge with you!

 If you want the straight scoop on how to become a Certified Gunsmith then you need this information.


The Introductory DVD Lesson and Special Report will explain How through enrolling in the Master Gunsmithing Course you will learn all of this and More:

• Trouble-Shoot and Repair firearms… You’ll learn how different firearm systems operate in extreme depth, using cutaways and diagrams which cover hundreds of models of guns. This system is so complete and comprehensive that after you watch it you will be able to pick up any gun, even ones you’ve never seen before, quickly analyze the system, trouble shoot and repair it.

Plus you will learn:
• How-to Professionally Repair & Improve Triggers
• The Best ways to Trick-out & Customize Glock Pistols
• Glass Bedding Rifles for Accuracy
• Professional Metal Finishing and Hot Caustic Bluing
• Beautiful Stock Refinishing techniques
• How-to Build the Ultimate 1911 .45 Auto Pistol
• Step-by-Step Custom Barreling Bolt Action Rifles
• Advance Pillar Bedding Techniques
• Slow Rust & Nitre Bluing for the worlds finest firearms
• Step-by-step Building Custom Mauser Rifles
• How To Heat Treat Carbon Steels and Case Hardening Metal Parts
• How To Make Coil Springs And The Art of Making Flat Springs
• Complete Machine Shop Training on Lathe, Mill and General Shop Equipment
• Welding Instruction for Oxy-Acetylene, TIG, MIG, Stick & Cutting Techniques

The information contained in the DVD and Special Report is very valuable. So we need to know that you are as serious as we are and will invest the one hour it takes to watch and fully evaluate it. That’s why we ask that you pay just $9.97 (which is fully refundable) to cover the shipping.

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Take the Fast Track - Most people no longer have the time and money to spend two to four years or more learning at some campus based Gunsmithing school. This course is intended to put you on the Fast Track to success and cost a Fraction of what campus based Gunsmithing Schools cost.

Order the Free DVD Introductory Video Lesson Today because;
If you are like most Most people, you will learn Gunsmithing fastest by seeing and hearing how it is done, step-by-step.

Isn’t it Time to Invest in Yourself? - This is your opportunity to really learn the Gunsmithing trade and get certified as a Professional Gunsmith. And if you so desire, you can reap all the benefits of owning your own recession-proof business doing what you love. The Introductory DVD Video Lesson and Special Report will show you how to get started.

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Now You Too Will Be An Expert!

You can’t fix something until you really understand how it works. We use cutaway guns to provide you with a clear demonstration of the internal working of the firearms, teaching you on video how each part is intended to function.

We will then guide you through the complete step-by-step disassembly, repair and reassembly process. In many ways this course is actually easier to follow than in a classroom.

The instruction is seamless and the camera gives you amazing close-ups you could never see from 3 feet away,
let alone the back of the room. A video picture IS worth a thousand words!

 AGI will show you and tell you everything you need to know. When you become an AGI Gunsmithing student, you become part of an Elite association of the best-trained gunsmiths worldwide.

Currently we are ONLY accepting a limited number of Gunsmithing School Students. See if you can qualify!

So, If you are serious about learning Gunsmithing order our FREE Introductory One Hour DVD lesson and Special Report “How to get started in Gunsmithing”

Order Free DVD!

"Even better than a classroom.."
“ I have to tell you that it is even better than a classroom, as I have the videos to fall back on when needed. My shop is doing very well.” Robert Dickens, Pleasanton, KS.
"most informative class I have ever taken.."
“ I would consider AGI’s professional gunsmithing course to be the most informative class I have ever taken. Bob Dunlap is a very good instructor & shares many techniques and secrets you can only learn from years of experience” Jerry West, Coos Bay OR.
"my first attempt looked very professional.."
“ I recently completed a “Matchbook Cover” mail order gunsmithing course. Their entire action bedding section can be summarized as follow the instructions in the Brownell’s “Action Bedding Kit”. In contrast, your video course (#4014 Stock Bedding) took me step-by-step through the entire process with each step clearly demonstrated. My first attempt looked very professional. Thanks AGI.” Jack Herber, San Bernardino, CA.
"what a difference.."
“To augment my income I enrolled and completed another course that left a multitude of questions unanswered. I then purchased the entire course that AGI offered and what a difference! Just recently a customer brought in an A.H. Fox SXS that had been at another shop for 6 months without being repaired. By chance I was watching one of the Shotgun Videos and Mr. Dunlap was explaining the exact problem and how to repair it! As of this Summer I will be going full time. Thanks!” David A. Sayers, Goldsboro, NC.

"eliminted years of trial and error.."
“Within one short year I opened up my own firearms repair and custom refinishing shop. The knowledge that I acquired through this course eliminated years of trial and error method. My business is exceeding my dreams. My reputation among my customers is outstanding. The freedom I enjoy being self-employed is priceless. Without the opportunity that AGI’s course offered my dream would be just that, a dream.” Robert T. Briskey, Battle Hen Armory

"most thorough and valuable firearms repair program the market has ever seen."
“Congratulations on producing the most thorough and valuable firearms repair program the market has ever seen. I was very skeptical when I first ordered the series because everything elseI had previously experienced ranged from dismal to an outright rip-off. With each video I complete and each job I repair right the “first time” I can honestly say that I am on my way to becoming an excellent gunsmith.” Wayne Rudrum, Cranbrook, BC

"I am living proof that the AGI videos do teach you enough to be confident about working on other people’s guns."
“ I had no previous gunsmithing experience, just basic knowledge of firearms. The course in my opinion is well worth every penny. I am living proof that the AGI videos do teach you enough to be confident about working on other people’s guns. In my situation I could not just up and move away to college and go to gunsmithing school because of financial responsibilities like paying bills. I stumbled on the Gunsmithing Institute and decided to go for it. I got my FFL in December and opened up a small shop. Since that time I have made back what I spent on the course and then some just working at it part time. I have even fixed a few guns that other gunsmiths who went to college swore were never able to be repaired.” Justin Jones, Justin’s Firearms and Gunsmithing
Blountville, Tennessee.

School Code # 2800501 “American Gunsmithing Institute is a private institution and approved to operate by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.  Approval to operate means the institution is compliant with the minimum standards contained in the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 (as amended) and Division 7.5 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.



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